Installing python based servers

Reload local package database.

sudo apt-get update

Installing pip

sudo apt install python-pip

Installing WSGI Server (Gunicorn)

sudo pip install gunicorn


sudo apt-get install gunicron

Installing Falcon

sudo pip install falcon

Installing Json libraries in python 

sudo pip install ujson


sample code to for server

import falcon

import falcon 

class Testing(object):
  def on_get(self, req, res):
    res.status = falcon.HTTP_200
    res.body = "Namaste"
  def on_post(self, req, res):
    res.status = falcon.HTTP_200
    res.body = "namaste"
    posted_data =

app = falcon.API()
app.add_route('/vedam', Testing())


command to test the above code

gunicorn fileName:app -b

in above command fileName is the file in which the code is saved considering it is saves in and app is name of the object created using  falcon.API() in the code.

to the  check the response you can type below url in your browser